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There is a range of products for every medical specialist or specialist user. Discover yours on the various division web sites.


Everything a person wants to know about lasers which make one beautiful and healthy or about orthopaedic means for an active and dynamic life.
B&Co will shortly be launching two web sites for the public at large.


    B&Co is a medical group comprising 6 companies who have been specialising in high-tech medical devices since 1987: lasers on the one hand and orthopaedic aids on the other. This ranges from dental lasers, through lasers for kidney stone treatment to lasers for skin rejuvenation or lipo-suction. And from revalidating knee braces to shockwave therapy or trauma material and implants. B&Co stands for the patient's life quality and effective medicine through innovation.

    De divisies van B&Co

    • Hospital Innovations
    • High Tech Laser
    • Ortho-Medico
    • Lasermedico